Caught up!

“Ambition is a choice.”

After an intense couple of weeks of work to first get this blog up-and-running, and then catch up on summarizing content from the beginning of the semester to present, it’s now there! The eagle flies!

And I have to say that, wow, I’m tired. I’ve taken on this endeavor on top of a full-time job, family responsibilities, and the six grad school credits that I’m trying to chronicle here. I’ve sacrificed a significant amount of sleep to making this blog a reality, especially this past week, and in the process flirted with the danger of falling behind on coursework to get it to this point. I’ve hit a level of exhaustion that’s impacting my mood, my productivity at work, and my capacity to fully absorb these learnings and master the concepts. So yeah, I feel a mix of pride and foolishness for pushing forward as hard as I have to get this project to this point. Yet I’m still convinced of the value, that the ongoing effort to keep this up going forward will be manageable, and ultimately I’m still convinced that this blog will be a learning tool that helps me process new knowledge and aide future efforts to recall and cite course materials. So right now I’m posting this as a little bit of celebration. And with that, I’m signing off to go get a good night’s sleep.

Written on September 29, 2017