End of Semester Scramble

This post is being written at 4:30am from a hotel room in Mexico.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on updating this blog. My last post was the week before Thanksgiving, then the scramble to the end of the semester began in earnest.

I made a conscious decision last week to prioritize my Strategic Planning group presentation over updating the blog. The presentation slides came together over the long holiday weekend, in the midst of four family gatherings in four days. We presented our work in class on Tuesday evening and the following day my family was on a plane to Mexico to celebrate a close friend’s wedding.

This trip has been planned and booked since January, long before I even thought about going back to school. We tacked a couple extra days onto it to enjoy our time here. It’s now the following Tuesday and I’ve barely thought about school this week. It’s been a really great vacation, though somewhat awkward timing in the semester to take a break.

There’s an assignment due for SHRM the evening we return to Minneapolis, followed by a week in which both the SHRM group presentation and our Strategic Planning final paper will need to come together. So I’m going to need to shift back into gear here and get this done. Thoughts are already swirling about what I’ve learned from both the materials and experience, but those can wait until after the semester. Wrapping up the course notes and reading summaries might wait until then too. In the meantime I need to return focus to that assignment, try to make some headway on it before my spouse and child wake up, then go for a sunrise walk around the resort.

Written on December 5, 2017